Supply Chain Solutions

ACCL International over the decades have developed a tremendous value chain network globally, in which our suppliers, customers and associate partners are our key of success. We proudly provide the complete end to end solutions to our customers, no matter where your operational needs are. We say ‘FARM TO FORK’


With our wide network of qualified suppliers, ACCL International has a strategic position to offer the best approved products to our customers worldwide.


Worldwide network of logistic arrangements, enabling ACCL International to offer cost-effective solutions i.e. what our customers are looking towards.


ACCL International proudly provides the “Just In Time” (JIT) inventory solutions to our customers for their critical missions and urgent demands.

A complete Supply Chain Solution is designed to offer tailor-made solutions to every customer as per their bespoke needs and demands.


Effective management of food supply chains is crucial to ensure the availability of safe, high-quality products. We achieve that whilst working closely with our local market farmers, producers, processors, distributors, retailers on a regular basis to always maintain the required inventory levels. ACCL International across decades have built strong partnerships to offer a wide range of food products to our customer worldwide.

A broad range of non-food items can be accommodated as well. This could be automobiles, spares, textiles, electronics, furnishing, construction material, heavy earth moving equipment, some industrial application products, paints, and chemicals. ACCL International enjoy strategic alignments with their OEM, distributors, retails, and partners in operating territories to secure door-to-door services to their esteemed customers.

We enjoy a separate division of medical supplies to support humanitarian missions worldwide. Long-term partnership arrangements give ACCL International an edge to offer the best products with the economic value. We are focused behind the support of all nongovernmental organizations that are operating within the health care industry.