Secure Accommodation

Secure Housing and Accommodations for critical missions are always a tough decision, with ACCL International no more. Leveraging on-hand experience in designing, building and operating such facilities in a complex and unrest situation, is what we are known for.

 We provide our services to customers who want to establish their own accommodation camp, manage their facility or we can offer a “build and operate” model as well.

Our facilities include:
  • High Speed Internet & Satellite TV
  • On site Clinic with Ambulance
  • Full Equipped Dinning Facility (DFAC)
  • State of the Art Gymnasium
  • Vehicle Maintenance Workshop
  • Warehousing Facilities (Dry & Frozen)
  • Setup for a Parking space
  • Swimming Pool
  • Recreational Activities  Room
  •  Office Space with Conference Room
  • Complete Housekeeping & Laundry S
  • Sundries (Barber Shop, Post Office)

Our Hospitality management team are well qualified and certified from the world’s best 5 star hotels having enrich experience in the Industry.


ACCL International Camps are always a first choice of governmental entities and agencies, employed across unrest areas, whereby security is a challenge.  Our secure housing entails the basic safety protocol such as sturdy doors, reinforced windows, high quality locks, advanced security systems of surveillance cameras, motion sensors, etc. For external areas, we are equipped with fencing, gates, control entry points, card access deployment, and guard towers for the overall surveillance.

To extend a healthy environment, ACCL International always give priority to the wellbeing of the residences in our provided accommodation. We encourage physical and metal engagement other than the primary functions of our residents. To cater this, we provide swimming pools, gymnasiums, indoor sports games, etc. As for entertainment, we provide a full-scale cinema hall, as well outdoor relax sittings. Our facilities can be customized as per clients’ requirements anytime, anywhere.

As part of our full board package, we can organize & arrange key security measures. This includes Armored Vehicles, Security Escort Services, Pick-ups & Drop-offs from the Airport to Daily Commuting to the jobsite across full scale transport systems. For the long journey, systematic tracking and tracing services are offered as well.