Haji Habibullah Pirzada

Mr. Habibullah Pirzada was born into a prominent Afghan Business family and at early age, he began to utilize his knowledge to develop a career where he can help his members of the country; and to bring the highest standard to Afghanistan.

During his college at Kabul Engineering Polytechnical, Mr. Pirzada has started to establish and lead ACCL International which is a provider of Construction, Operations & Maintenance and Life Support with the succor of his dedicated team and most especially, with the full encouragement by his family.

After graduating from college last 2005, he focused on a strategic planning process that will include tactics to dramatically increase the quality of work, as well as build a more robust endowment for ACCL International.
Mr. Pirzada never stopped to augment his learning and he took up another course of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration through online.
On 2009, he received his recognition for being One of the Youngest and Successful Businessman.

Currently, Mr. Pirzada along with his team have numerous operations and assets globally such as in GCC, Middle East Asia, Africa, Europe and The America with over 3,000+ employees throughout the ACCL International companies.
His vision is for one of the world wide’s top company that provides Construction, Operations & Maintenance and Life Support for a global economy; to continue to expand the operations to help the needs of the others; and makes a positive and lasting impact on the community, as well as the world.

ACCL International Management