ACCL International is a premier provider of life support services by offering turnkey solutions to support any client’s requirements.

ACCL offer the following turnkey life support services:

  • Mobilisation and full camp setup
  • Power Generation – provision of uninterrupted electrical supplies
  • Water – provision of potable and non-potable water
  • Waste management – removal of all hazardous and non-hazardous waste, as per local environmental and international regulations
  • Maintenance – a full range of preventative and corrective maintenance schedules
  • Refrigeration – supply and maintenance of industrial chillers and freezers
  • Logistical services – complete national and international procurement including air freight, customs clearance, and contingency services to remote locations
  • Fuel/Oil – uninterrupted bulk supply of certificated fuels and oils
  • Vector control – fumigation and eradication of disease spreading insects and vermin
  • Facilities maintenance – a full range of housekeeping, renovation and ground upkeep services
  • Transportation – vehicle supply, leasing and maintenance
  • Laundry services – collection and delivery, and provision of portable laundries

ACCL’s Operations and Maintenance teams operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on-site, providing uninterrupted services and are responsive to any related emergency.

ACCL International
ACCL International
ACCL International
ACCL International