In Afghanistan, the TPG Camp provides short to long-term secure accommodations and office facilities in a variety of locations within Afghanistan that will meet the needs of clients and dignitaries.

TPG Camp is one of ACCL’s secure accommodations and is located outside Kabul International Airport and a fifteen-minute drive from the United States Embassy and International Green Zone (IGZ). It is safe and secure, surrounded and protected by a traditionally built, five-meter-high and one-meter-thick wall complete with fully functional turrets, covering a total area of over 20,000 square metres, with their client’s safety as the utmost concern.

This type of facility can be constructed by ACCL elsewhere internationally and within the confines of Client requirements.

TPG Camp offers clients and dignitaries the following amenities:

  • Two hundred fifty single and double occupancy rooms with attached bathrooms.
  • In-room high-speed internet and satellite TV
  • Clinic, post office, barber shop, and local and international PX
  • Offices and a fully-equipped conference room
  • Fully staffed dining facility (DFAC), accommodating up to 500 persons.
  • State-of-the-art gymnasium
  • Large warehouse
  • Two large vehicle maintenance workshops
  • Underground parking
  • Full-service laundry with self-service laundry option
  • Complete life support services including fuel, waste management and temporary power/generator system power
  • Open space for additional parking
  • Seven guard towers, duck and cover bunkers, CCTV camera system

TPG Camp also offers on-site catering services, providing a restaurant-style dining experience, leaving a long-lasting impression on their clients and guests.    (Secure Accommodation)

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