ABC Supermarket is the retail sector of ACCL International, and the first of a planned chain of new concept retail supermarkets across Kabul and other regions in Afghanistan, serving the needs and exceeding the expectations of all communities living and working in Afghanistan.

ABC Supermarket offers a spacious and modern design, with a diverse array of high quality local and international branded food and beverages from around the world at affordable prices. ABC Supermarket has revolutionalised and enhanced the retail sector by also offering Fashion, Beauty, Home, Electricals, Toys, Gifts and more, creating unique customer experiences.

ABC Supermarket also operates several PX shops located on various bases in Afghanistan. These shops are comprised of a vast array of international branded products for all nationalities, providing NATO, DoD and DoS personnel with everything they need. ABC carefully selects items to offer a little piece of home to personnel while far away, all under one roof at their convenience, including the latest luxury items.

ABC Supermarket has operated in the following locations:

  • Thomas Jefferson Compound – Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Camp Sullivan – Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Camp Qasaba – Kabul, Afghanistan