With a proven track record in delivering cost-effective, quality global logistics solutions and strategies, ACCL International can provide unparalleled procurement, transportation and forwarding services for clients, utilising its network of warehouses in Afghanistan, Dubai, the USA and Iraq. ACCL currently source and arrange a large volume of shipments from the following countries; Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, UK, and the USA, to some of the most austere environments with the support of leading logistics and freight forwarding partners across the globe.

Annually, ACCL’s experienced team of logistic professionals handle over 1,000 shipping containers of cargo (totalling over 20,000 tons) in both temperature and non-temperature-controlled deliveries via sea shipment, handling goods such as perishable and non-perishable food and beverages, as well as furniture and equipment, all meeting ACCL’s stringent packaging standards and international requirements. ACCL also handles over 3,000 tons of perishable and non-perishable cargo via air delivery and have the resources and infrastructure to deploy air-support for any emergency, relief or rapid equipment and food purchases.

ACCL provides a thorough inspection and quality control service to ensure a consistent set of standards, delivered via their dedicated and experienced Quality Department consisting of a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QAQC) management team, and a team of quality and compliance professionals.

ACCL is aware of business activities within different sectors requiring strict quality controls, and their quality and compliance professionals work in partnership with clients to fully understand and document the necessary quality controls and specific requirements to ensure they are met and maintained.