ISOA Europe Industry Days – April 2024

ISOA Europe Industry Days – April 2024

The ACCL International Management Team had the pleasure of attending ISOA’s Europe Industry Days Conference.

The ISOA three-day event took place April 8-11th 2024 in Kaiserlautern, Germany.

The common goal as always is to consolidate & propel joint efforts of US Governmental Entities & Private Sectors to safeguard European borders.

ACCL International was the Proud Sponsor of the event & speaker at the Chairman’s Opening Reception.

In addition to this, the team leveraged the opportunity to connect with a dozen plus of USA governmental contracting entities that are Europe based to identify emerging needs and unlock deployment actions.

Featured below is ACCL’s International Chief Commercial Officer, Imtiaz Ali, ACCL International VP Business Development, Lynn Schneider, Howie Lind, President of ISOA and Anel Alibasic, ACCL International Europe Program Manager.