ISOA Conference – Feb 2024

ISOA Conference-Feb 2024

ACCL International leadership team was honoured to attend ISOA’s latest conference that took place in Nairobi, Kenya. The 17th Annual Event of ISOA, Feb 13-15th 2024, evolved around one centric agenda topic which was global stability.

Geopolitical Unrests and local market economical dilemmas are inflicting the globe. However, there is always an opportunity for private sectors to unite & propel the common goal & vision to extend critical mission support, even across the African region.

The ACCL International team thoroughly enjoyed the insightful & action-packed sessions related to USA’s collaboration & support efforts to Africa.

AFRICAP (Africa Peacekeeping Program), under the patronage of the US Department of State, endorses and promotes African region stability, whereby private sectors can bridge connections & facilitate growth opportunities.

Featured below, is our Chief Business Development Officer Imtiaz Ali, with ISOA’s President, Mr. Howie Lind, ACCL International’s Capture Manager Shaeir Rahim & fellow guests.