ACCL International is a full service construction company, that specializes in providing a complete line of design and build applications, in austere and remote locations.

One of our more cost effective construction methods is Steel Arch Formed Structures (K-Span), with a full range of custom options. Primary application is for warehousing and multi-use structures that meet a variety of local government and international customer requirements.

ACCL International

We have an extensive past performance in design/build of Man-Camps and Secure Compounds that facilitate all life support needs (housing, dinning facilities, recreational buildings, force protection and infrastructure) in remote locations and/or post conflict environments.

ACCL International’s new prefabricated container construction method provides the flexibility required by some of our clients, for a high quality structure that may require future relocation.

ACCL International is licensed by KNAUF, a German gypsum board provider of drywall; a product that complies with international building codes for fire & water resistant options and also provides professional acoustic ceiling tiles.

ACCL International’s construction methods, principals and best management practices meet or exceed BS, IBC, UBC, NEC standards.