Ethics, Certifications and Policies

Quality Policy

ACCL International is dedicated to products and services of the highest quality, fulfilling all legal and international quality assurance standards. ACCL takes a proactive approach to minimise the occurrence of disruptive or undesirable events and associated consequences. The most fundamental aspect of ACCL’s operations is the respect for basic human rights and environmental sustainability, as well as a commitment to public and employee safety. All employees across the organisation support the development of quality products and services. ACCL emphasises the continuous improvement of its management systems to ensure the fulfilment of its vision and mission.

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Code of Business Ethics

ACCL follows a code of business ethics and conducts, both developed to address strict pursuance and matters arising from the contrary. These behaviours range from acceptance of gifts and gratuities to making false claims. ACCL’s code of business ethics includes corrective measures to ensure that employees are aware of the company’s expectations as well as their responsibilities and obligations.

Human Rights

The principles of human rights are at the forefront of ACCL’s fundamental values and beliefs. ACCL has endorsed a human rights policy applicable to all employees within the organisation for further information and education. The policy declares that the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights should guide ACCL’s business conduct. ACCL is also committed to the prevention and elimination of human trafficking, corruption and financial crimes, in support of international and local efforts.