ACCL is a widely-recognised Afghan-owned company, founded in 2002. It has since become an industry leader in the provision of Construction, Catering, Turnkey Life Support Services & Secure Accommodation, Logistics and Satellite & IT.

Despite most projects having been undertaken in some of the world’s most challenging environments, ACCL has both demonstrated and maintained the necessary technical and management processes with highly qualified, experienced and ethical personnel whom operate under sound management practices, robust oversight and adherence to the highest standards of professionalism and accountability.

ACCL strive towards exceeding the expectations of their clients in a cost-effective and timely manner, whilst complying with any legal obligations. This is underpinned by their proven past performance and contract awards for a variety of projects with the same clients,in which they have completed numerous projects on-time, within budget and to the satisfaction and gratitude of their international clients. ACCL’s past and present clients range from those within public, private and commercial entities to Government agencies.

ACCL are aware of the environment in which they embark on a project, by offering opportunities to the local labour workforce contributing to; economic growth, as well as minimising environmental risk and increasing environmental benefits instead. Their operating principles are based on the long-term social economic objective of; “helping local people help themselves.”

ACCL continually create a global presence due to the careful selection of their employees, by carrying out the most appropriate vetting and training procedures.

ACCL’s Head Offices are based in Kabul, Afghanistan, Dubai, UAE and Wiesbaden, Germany.


ACCL aspires to build upon its proven ability to deliver quality project management and operational services in post-conflict and developing regions, by further expanding on our global influence/partnerships and deem ourselves to be a committed partner, determined to make a difference in the countries in which we operate; by fostering partnerships, providing employment opportunities and building capacity in the communities where business is undertaken to include vigorous social economic programmes.


ACCL’s strategic plan entails the provision of enhanced product options to its clients through close interactions with global suppliers, followed by extensive logistical and delivery options; land, sea or air. Only brands of significant quality will be offered to our clients at competitive rates.