Secure Accommodation and Offices

Introduction and Overview

Camp ACCL is designed for corporate clients who require secure long term accommodation for their employees. Our facility offers 200 well appointed rooms; spacious dining facilities, manned by international chefs; state of the art internet service and convenient access to Kabul’s International airport; located only a few minutes drive from the Camp.

Camp ACCL offers single-room accommodation, with on-suite bathroom facilities, laundry services, in-room internet and cable television, and 3 meals a day prepared by international chefs.

Current Amenities

  • Single Room with on-suite bathroom.
  • In-Room High Speed Internet
  • Office Space.
  • In-Room Satellite TV.
  • Self Service Restaurant.
  • State of the Art Fitness Centre.
  • Full Service Laundry.

Camp ACCL is a safe and secure environment; surrounded and protected by a traditionally built, five meter high and one meter thick Afghan mud wall complete with fully functional guard turrets. The Camp is patrolled 24/7 and access-controlled by Afghanistan Government licensed, armed security professionals.

Our undertaking is to provide outstanding security, whilst ensuring the comfort and convenience of our residents and guests. Visible security measures include fully manned guard turrets operation around the clock, entry control points complete with search area.