Projects and Operations

ACCL International has completed numerous projects for its international clients ranging in magnitude from US$2 million – US$20 million and above. We currently have several ongoing contracts both in Construction, Life Support and Satellite Communication.

ACCL International is continuing to grow as a company and expanding into countries and regions where our clients require our services and expertise.

We understand that the nature of our business ensures we have to be prepared operationally, logistically and financially, to mobilize with the minimum of notice into post conflict or underdeveloped countries, and it is this ability that has made ACCL International such a reliable business partner to our international clients.



Global Communications, Local Service
Together with premier partners, ACCL International is a provider of global satellite communications and local terrestrial/wireless internet and related services within Afghanistan.

ACCL specializes in meeting the diverse communications needs of its customers, which include commercial, military, international aid and other civilian organizations. ACCL International's satellite partner; US-based EMC, is powered by its network of strategically located, wholly-owned support centers in Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, Argentina, Kenya and West Africa.

In addition, EMC operates three wholly-owned teleport facilities, which are equipped with 11 to 32 meter C, Ku, L, and X-band antennas, as well as 120,000 square feet of highly secure disaster recovery and business continuity infrastructure.

Terrestrial internet services include but are not limited to, fiber optic/microwave backhaul links and access to the AFTEL fiber ring through licensed ISP’s in the region. Turn-key CCTV, MWR, Satellite Television, and access control solutions available at customer premises. Bandwidth capacities from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps are also available and configured at competitive pricing which include redundant rollover links. All bandwidth is always dedicated



ACCL International, a quality provider of construction, life support, internet services, and general trading based in Kabul, Afghanistan, has recently entered into subcontracts to provide construction and operations and maintenance (O&M) services to PAE camps throughout Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • In May, 2015, ACCL International was awarded a renovation project for PAE at the Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNP-A) compound in Kabul. The project involved repair and maintenance to drainage fields and to building facades (stucco and painting) throughout the camp. The project was successfully completed in July, 2015.

  • In October, 2015, ACCL International was awarded subcontracts for security and facility renovations at several small PAE camps located in Kabul. The ongoing renovations include force protection upgrades, plumbing and electrical renovation and building modifications to include MWR areas such as fitness and dining facilities. These construction renovation projects are due for completion by April, 2016.

  • In December, 2015, ACCL International was awarded a subcontract to provide O&M service for the Narcotics Interdiction Unit (NIU), Sensitive Investigation Unit (SIU), and the Counter Narcotics Justice Center (CNJC) in Kabul. Worked performed at these three (3) independent compounds includes general repair and maintenance of facility structures, power generation, water treatment, and waste water and solid waste management.


Since 2012, ACCL International has provided turn-key life support solutions to the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (formerly Serious Organized Crime Agency) in Kabul, Afghanistan. Services to the two Kabul guest houses maintained by the agency include catering service, IT and Dish TV service, housekeeping, power generation, water treatment, wastewater disposal, solid waste disposal, and fuel delivery.