President & CEO Magazine

PRESIDENT&CEO is a magazine for, and about, American’s most under-appreciated –and most vital – businesspeople: middle market C-level executives.

While many publications address the Fortune 500, and many others cover the perpetually sexy start-up sector, the one sector that is most neglected - to the point of near invisibility - is also the largest: the middle market, which produces 40% of US GDP, $6 trillion in revenue, and over 25 million jobs.

PRESIDENT & CEO focuses on life and business demands associated with the challenge of being a middle market CEO, including leadership; growth and emerging market opportunities; technology; personal wealth management; finance and operations; travel and other “executive lifestyle” issues; and more.

PRESIDENT & CEO features:
  • Award-winning business writers;
  • Commentary from experts in a wide variety of fields crucial to the middle market CEO;
  • Facts and figures about the middle market;
  • Unique perspectives on life, leadership and success in today’s challenging marketplace.

Our intense focus on the middle market C-level executive provides readers with highly relevant, useful and entertaining content, while offering the advertiser an extraordinarily cost-effective, targeted and efficient means to reach them across multiple channels – print, digital, mobile and tablet, events, e-newsletters, and more.

In our upcoming issue, we will be providing our readers a broad perspective on the emerging markets of the GCC, including opportunities for growth, sourcing, investment and marketing.

As a recent survey of middle market CEO ’s indicated, middle market executives are increasingly focused on expansion into new, non-domestic markets, and the GCC offers a wealth of opportunities. Our special section will explore those opportunities, and provide GCC authorities and companies an opportunity to showcase their strengths to our exclusive audience of decision-makers. The section will include profiles of the major countries, emirates and trade zones throughout the GCC, as well as quotes and interviews from senior trade and development authorities”.