Life Support Services

ACCL International's Life Support Services presently provides catering and operations & maintenance requirements for our international clients throughout Afghanistan, Kenya and Mongolia.


Gourmet food preparation, including menu and budgeting services

Kitchen/Dining Operations

Day-to-day operations, supporting all catering services including technical/managerial oversight for food item procurement and delivery, storage facilities and food stock accounting.

Extensive Menu Options

30-day menus geared towards health/wellness, special menu plans for various religious and cultural beliefs, vegetarian courses, packed meals, and events highlighting the national cuisines of camp personnel.

International Cooking Standards

Internationally trained chefs, ethnic food commodities procured in accordance with applicable regulations/customs, proper food storage and transportation, fresh and perishable products from pre-approved sources

Our Staff Training

Rigorous training courses in personal hygiene; cross contamination and the causes/dangers of food poisoning. Safe handling of catering equipment, customer relations, food preparation, serving techniques and other catering related subjects.

Regular Inspections

Periodic checks to ensure compliance with international health and sanitation standards.

Security & Health Checks

ID Cards and approved lists of catering services personnel. Staff has to undergo health checks before being approved.


ACCL International is committed to being recognized as the premier provider of life support services by offering turnkey solutions in support of our clients by:

  • Mobilization and full Camp setup.
  • Power Generation – Provision of uninterrupted electrical supplies.
  • Water – Provision of potable and non potable water.
  • Waste management - Removal of all hazardous and non-hazardous waste, as per local environmental and international regulations.
  • Maintenance - Full range of preventive and corrective maintenance schedules.
  • Refrigeration – Supply and maintenance of industrial chillers and freezers.
  • Logistical Services – Full national and international procurement including air freight, customs clearance and contingency services to remote locations.
  • Fuel /Oil – uninterrupted bulk supply of certificated fuels and oils.
  • Vector Control – Fumigation and eradication of disease spreading insects and vermin.
  • Facilities maintenance – Full range of housekeeping, renovation, and ground upkeep services.
  • Transportation – Vehicle supply, leasing and maintenance.
  • Laundry Services – Collection and delivery. Provision of portable laundries.

Emergency Contingency Planning

Response procedures to provide for any failure of refrigeration/equipment within camp storage facilities, to ensure continued service and minimal food wastage/loss.