Opening of ABC Supermarket in Kabul, Afghanistan

ACCL International – Press Release 29th June 2017

ABC Supermarket officially opened its doors to the public on Tuesday 20th June 2017, with its 12,500 square ft. retail outlet on Street 3, of Taimani, Kabul, and is the first of a planned chain across Kabul and Afghanistan.
 ABC Supermarkets is a new concept in supermarkets in Kabul, offering a spacious and modern design, with high-quality branded products at an affordable price,” said Mr. Habibullah Pirzada, President of ACCL International; owners of ABC Supermarkets. 

“It saves the shopper from having to visit two or three stores to get their weekly shopping, as it is all under one roof: meat, bread, cakes, dairy, both local produce and international brands. “HACCP certified fresh local produce will also be one of our strong points: you’ll be able to buy high-quality, bread, fruit, vegetables and bakery items”.

Mr. Pirzada added that the opening of the Kabul store was just the beginning for ABC Supermarkets, as we intend to bring the internationals brands and standards for all the people living and working in Afghanistan.

“ABC Supermarkets is ambitious, and we’re delighted to be able to serve the needs of both Afghans and the international community that are here supporting our nation in these challenging times” Mr. Pirzada said.