Palm Oil

ACCL International, is a multi-national company with operations in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany  and the United States.

We have been trading in Palm Oil and sourcing food products form around the Globe since 2003 and are able to offer our customers a much more personalized service, as they source Palm Oil products.

Due to our long association with Palm Oil, we are a one stop centre for premium grade palm oil products. Our portfolio of import and exports include RBD Palm Olein (cooking oil), Vegetable Ghee, Shortening, Margarine and other Specialty Fats. All products are available in consumer and industrial packing and are manufactured to parameters designed to our client’s requirements.


Malaysia Palm Oil. A single crop with many priceless contributions.
To the environment. To health. To livelihood. And the economy.
Its trees give us oxygen and fight against global warming. Its fruit gives
us vitamins and energy. Malaysia Palm Oil also provides livelihood
to millions around the globe, making large economic contributions
to Malaysia and the world.

It’s more than just oil. It’s a gift from nature. A fruit for life.